Authentic Performance isn’t just a gym. It’s a Denver facility rooted in a simple approach. We believe in quality people, quality coaching, and hard work. Whether your goal is preparing for the next level, getting ready for a triathlon, or wanting to recover from an injury, our staff has the experience, knowledge, and ability to enable you to not just “train” but to gain ground and attack the goals you’ve set.

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Authentic Performance Coaches

Meet Our Team

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Sports Performance Training Denver
Joel Raether
Denver Sports Performance Training
Patrick Nolan
Sports Performance Training Denver
Brian Jordan
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Peter Schaffer
Sports Performance Training Denver
Patrick McHenry
Denver Sports Performance Training
Matt White
Denver Sports Performance Training
Charlie Scheuber
Denver Sports Performance Training
Rob Hardy

Client Testimonials

"The Authentic Performance staff is exceptional for many reasons. Their willingness to work with a diversity of athlete types and their expertise in all phases of training are unprecedented. And what makes them so special is they are even better people than trainers. I am forever grateful for Authentic Performance."


- Joe Thomas, Offensive Tackle - Cleveland Browns

"Authentic Performance is by far the best in the business when it comes to intelligent preparation for the NFL combine.  They helped me realize and fulfill my potential in a matter of 6 weeks.  I worked with the Authentic Performance trainers from the end of the college season, last year, up to the combine and I saw significant gains in all the major tests that we were put through.  They helped me get bigger, stronger and faster all while giving me insight into what to expect from the NFL scouts.   Be prepared to work hard and don't expect to be pampered.  They are the real deal and training with them is the best investment you can make when it comes to your NFL career. "


- Phil Taylor, Defensive Tackle - Washington Redskins

"The trainers had me very prepared for the NFL combine.  Testing in the top of the RB class in 6 of the 7 measurable tests I was able to surpass my expectation.  As a running back the mentoring they provided helped me solidify my position skills so I could best showcase my talents. "


- CJ Anderson, Running Back - Denver Broncos

"With Joel’s guidance, our son Harrison excelled in track and became the 4A State Champion in both the 100m and 200m.  He earned a division I scholarship!"


- Kendall & April Einspahr

"Brandon designed an aggressive program for my severe tibia/fibula fracture. I made gains rather quickly, and continued to progress in my recovery. With his advice I was able to correct bad habits I had picked up from not being able to run for such a significant amount of time. During his aggressive programs Brandon also let me know when we needed to back off and have a recovery week. At eight months I was full weight bearing and ran my first 400m. At 15 months post-surgery I ran 2 miles in 13:15. This was the same time I ran before my fracture. Without the knowledge and professionalism of Brandon Stone I do not think that my leg would be where it is today. I cannot say enough about the strength programs that Brandon designed for me for over a year. I am now fully recovered and able to continue my career without limitations."


- SFC Robert Westman


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