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This week Authentic Performance wants to welcome a guest to our blog page. Mark Roozen from Coach Rozy Performance and 911 Tactical joins us to talk about TIME! Check out this great post.

With over 30 years of experience in the health, performance, strength & conditioning, sport and personal training business we are often asked by aspiring professionals who are desirous of working in one of the areas above; what the key to success in this industry? Is it program design, understanding biomechanics, physiology and anatomy or the ability to teach movement and exercise technique? What is the secret to success? What makes the elite coaches and trainers shine and reach the highest level of success? We know the best professionals have a grasp and understanding of the essentials of strength, conditioning, performance and fitness - but what is the basis that makes the great one’s shine?

To us, it’s the simply a matter of T.I.M.E.! T.I.M.E. can be best expressed through an acronym - Teach, Inspire, Motivate and Empower!

T - TEACH. The GREAT ONE’S, are great teachers. They are able to take complex topics, matters and material, and break it down in a matter that those they work with can understand. We have seen instructors or coaches who can give a dissertation on the Kreb Cycle or the expression of statistical significance for a complex training theory and yet the connection and delivery was taught intuitively so that those listening fully grasped and understood the complexities. Understanding your audience, connecting to them and delivering your message effectively will improve your retention and results.

The ability to help clients or athletes, young or old, gain insight into the what, why and how of what you are trying to influence from a training perspective, and have them understand, is what separates the good from the great and the great from the elite. It’s not about stuffing them full of YOUR KNOWLEDGE! It’s feeding and giving them what they can digest and use!

I - INSPIRE. Good ole Webster defines INSPIRE as: to make someone want to do something; to give someone an idea about what to do or create: to cause something to happen or be created: or to cause someone to have a feeling or emotion! The best in the business do a combination, or ALL of these. It’s hard to continually FORCE folks to show up, step up, and move up in their progress. It’s a struggle to MAKE someone have a dream and goal. We can plant the seed of a dream, cultivate the dream, show the steps needed to help that dream grow, and put our people in the best situations for success. When you can do that, you become a dream builder, a goal obtainer and a source of inspiration that people want to be around. This comes through continual and consistent effort by you, the professional, to inspire your client or athlete regularly to achieve and expect great things from themselves and that they will achieve their goals through your guidance and assistance.

M - MOTIVATE. Many think that to inspire and motivate are the same thing! The great ones see inspiration as giving someone the light bulb and turning it on. Motivation is giving that person the reason to KEEP THE BULB ON! We all have dreams and goals. There is a quote that says “the will to win is overrated, because we ALL have the will to win. The ability to prepare to win is what is vital.” Those that obtain success with their clients or athletes, and excel with everyone they are around typically are those that find the right key to start that person’s engine. If have a group or team that is inspired to accomplish a task, it is crucial to determine what motivates each individual. Motivation is as unique as a finger print to each person, determining what motivates an individual, group, team or even a community will unlock the potential see whatever goal(s) have been set into a reality..

E - EMPOWER. The last step in the process is where the transfer of the knowledge and understanding you have bestowed upon them is released, and now they begin to use their gifts, talents and abilities to help themselves, others and even you become better! When this is achieved, your client or athlete can now truly soar! Imagine if you had an understanding of how a car motor worked. If your car broke down and you took it to your mechanic, you would be able to describe in detail what the problem was, instead of saying, “It’s making a bump, bump, bump sound!”. You might not have the skill set of your mechanic to fix the problem but having a better grasp and understanding of the car engine and working parts would help you and the mechanic deal with the problem, fix the problem and make the car run better and more efficiently. The super coach or trainer moves their people to this level - enabling both to excel at their craft!

Today, start to take steps toward maximizing your T.I.M.E. when working with your clients or athletes and see your programs and your clients or athlete’s success reach new heights!

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