Hip Function for Performance

Welcome back to the APC blog. This month the topic takes a closer look at hip function in relation to performance for sport. Inevitably I find myself routinely discussing with athletes early in our training that the role of the hip is a gateway to how well we move and our speed capacity as an athlete. To a greater degree, much of the initial evaluation process throughout the dynamic warm-up each day is a litmus test to see how well an athlete(s) can achieve specific levels of hip mobility, stability and general postures.

One of the first related hip focused series that we teach is a base level quadruped series that emphasizes mobility and activation in an about the hip from all planes and freedoms that the hip should present in order to achieve some of the fundamental movement mechanics essential for change of direction and speed mechanics. For a full view of this series check out our YouTube page video here:

This hip series becomes a routine part of our movement prep and we attempt to have athletes adopt this as a mainstay for pre-training, practice and competition days as part of their preparation to perform.

There are 29 pairs of muscles that connect to the hip (excluding the pelvic floor). Of these 16 pairs act to internally or externally rotate the hip. This is critical to how we walk, jog, jump, sprint, start or stop throughout a myriad of typical athletic endeavors. If our athletes lack the ability to generate, control or maintain levels of mobility or stability throughout hip function we typically see decreased change of direction capability, attenuated speed mechanics qualities and often compensatory factors that may lower performance qualities or worse yet, heighten injury potential.

Try this simple hip series integration with your athletes and begin to develop better levels of function and see if this will improve their capability to achieve improve movement capacity. IN our next blog we will continue the discussion about hip function by discussing the role of glute activity for improved lower body power and function.

Until next time, train hard, train smart, TRAIN AUTHENTIC!

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