NFL Combine and Pro Day Training In Denver

Real Deal Training for Unparalleled Results




At Authentic Performance Center we believe that the product should be the first and foremost commitment to our athletes.  Our combine program is not about fancy marketing or flashing names to entice players to train with us.  We stand behind our motto - Real Deal Training for Unparalleled Results.  APC's Director of Sports Performance Joel Raether has trained top athletes from around the world for nearly 17 years and has built a pedigree of elite athletes in that time.  If your goal is to reach the next level and maximize your potential, Authentic Performance is the place for you.  Our 8,000 square foot, state of the art facility is equipped to bring the best out of each athlete.  Couple this with our team of top coaches with over 35 years of training elite level athletes and APC's comprehensive global approach to performance, you will be set on path for success the minute your enter our doors.

Prepare - Coach Raether begins each prep program by briefing all combine athletes on the APC model, education on how training will be conducted, our nutrition platform, recovery and regeneration platform, sports psychology and how specialization for each athlete will be catered toward preparing you for the biggest interview of your career.

Progress - Over the course of your preparation, the goal for each athlete is to progress on a linear pattern where you peak at the most crucial time, the NFL combine or your pro day.  At APC we use leading edge technology to provide real time measurable results for all tests that will help track your progress with NFL combine timing systems, video analysis and top of the line training equipment,  all geared toward maximizing your potential.  This is accomplished by providing all APC combine athletes with top of the line care and services including our training table, recovery center and sports psychology partners who will ensure that you have all the tools necessary to reach peak performance.

Perform - When the lights come you will be ready to perform. Throughout the prep program coach Raether will teach and demonstrate how each specific testing drill is executed down the the most distinct of details so that you will be confident and ready to perform.  Coach Raether employs proven strategies, rehersals and training specific tactics that provide every player with the tools to shine when it matters most. 




Prepare - Progress - Perform!




All APC combine atheltes go through a thorough evaluation process upon entering the program.  This included full scale performance testing through official NFL Combine testing company Zybek Sports, DARI 3D motion capture analysis, full scale nutritional profiling and meal prep, body composition and sport psychology training measures to ensure that no stone goes un-turned. Our staff will prepare and develop a comprehensive program that will aid in the most distinct path to success in the shortest possible time.  


Support Team



At APC we understand the value in a good team.  That is why throughout our prep program we will have other top coaches, current and former NFL players and industry leaders assist in providing critical education, feedback and insight with regards to being a successful NFL player. These intimate discussions and sessions are truly an invaluable resource for combine athletes that give first hand knowledge and insite that will help set you apart from the rest. 



What to Expect


  • Evaluations: Upon entry into the program, all athletes go through and extensive evaluation prior to the onset of the program.  This includes movement screens, pre-testing through Zybek Sports (the same testing equipment used at the NFL combine) as well as nutritional consultations.  

  • Individualized preparation for all combine/pro day tests and position specific drills

    • ​40 Yard dash

    • Short Shuttle / Pro Agility

    • 3 Cone Drill

    • 60 Yard Shuttle

    • Broad Jump

    • Vertical Jump

    • Position Specific Drills

    • Bench Press

  • Full scale nutritional program from top sports nutritionists to maximize performance, improve recovery and properly fuel athletes throughout the training program

    • Overview of nutritional platform (click here for detailed view)

    • NSF Certified performance and recovery based products to maximize training impact

  • Training preparation, execution, recovery and regeneration

    • Each session will encompass a full scale dynamic warm-up with activation series exercises, mobility driven drills and functional movement to ensure complete physical readiness for each training session demand.

    • Each training session will feature a focused approach to specific areas of performance in a progressive manner to fully prepare each athlete for all tests encompassed in the combine/pro day evaluation.  A detailed synopsis of training focus is included below.

      • Dynamic Warm-up: Follows a continuum of Stretch -> Move -> Work. The goal of the dynamic warm-up is to increase blood flow, elevate core temperature, develop central nervous  system readiness and engage mentally for each session

      • Functional Training: Each athlete will receive specific functional exercises catered toward improving the athletes overall functional capacity in the areas of mobility, stability, balance  and proprioception.

      • Speed Training: The 40 yard dash is a highly technical speed measure where the set-up, start, acceleration and top end speed bio-mechanics will all be taught with precise focus on maximizing horizontal velocity to produce the fastest time. 

      • Multi-directional Training: The long and short shuttle portion of the testing battery display the athletes ability start, stop, change direction and reaccelerate as quickly as possible.  Athletes will be taught specific mechanics and execution to improve and maximize their change of direction capability. 

      • Explosive Power: The vertical jump and broad jump demonstrate lower body power and explosive qualities.  We teach athletes the proper mechanics to realize their power output & couple this with weight room based explosive training to heighten lower body output for both tests. 

      • Upper Body Strength Endurance:  The 225 lb bench press test is a measure of upper body strength endurance.  Our upper body training protocol readies the athlete to produce the highest level of repetitions through unique training implements, strategies and strength development to achieve the absolute highest score within the athletes ability.

      • Recovery & regeneration: Each week the premium put toward the recovery and regeneration of training stressors is critical.  At APC we partner with the Denver Sports Recovery Clinic and in-house modalities to routinely help the athletes recovery quickly and efficiently from the training administered.

      • Mental Training and Preparation: Throughout the process athletes will be coaches and trained on interviewing, media relations, mental skills training and preparation for the Wonderlich test that all athletes are required to complete.



Sample Training Day Outlook


8:00 - Breakfast


9:00 - Movement Prep, Mobility & Dynamic Warm-up


9:30 - Linear Speed Training - Acceleration Emphasis


11:00 - Cool Down & Recovery Work 


11:30 - Lunch & Rest


1:30 - Lower Body Strength Session


3:00 - Cool Down & Recovery Work


5:00 - Dinner 


6:00 - Mental Skills Training


10:00 - Lights Out


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