RMX LAB - Running Strength and Mechanics for Adults

                      Coach Carrie Lane

Ready to elevate your running performance? With the demands of distance running in mind, RMX Lab offers you training in running mechanics, strength, and mobility. Use Carrie Lane’s experience training Olympic and All American track and field athletes. 

 RMX lab is open to runners of ANY ability level, as exercises can modified harder or easier depending on your individual needs.

Program Highlights

  • 60 minute, twice a week strength training sessions focused specifically on the needs of distance runners

  • Emphasis on postural endurance, improving coordination, and preventing chronic injury

  • Performance tests done at the beginning and end of the program

  • Small group size so that you will get the attention you deserve

  • Custom video analysis of each athlete

  • Post-course evaluation outlining YOUR strengths and areas to improve upon

Program Details:

This program offers you a combination of weight room work, at-home exercises, and mechanics drills. The twice-a-week format allows for two different purposes for your strength training:


As we get older and life “gets in the way” we lose some of our general athleticism.  Using specific strength routines and run mechanics activities, the “Performance Day” introduces dynamic movements that will improve your coordination and movement efficiency.  When done consistently, these activities will improve your run mechanics, so that you can conserve valuable energy during your runs.  The exercises through which we will progress involve mobility, plyometrics, drills, and light weight room work.



On this day, we will use strength training to speed up your recovery from your last hard workout.  Using bodyweight, medicine balls, and weights, we will hone in on your “pillar” strength, provide variety to your movements, enhance your postural skills.  We will combine these activities in a way that kick starts your body’s natural recovery mechanisms.  After “Recovery Day,” you’ll be ready for your next hard workout

Phase 1: 

  • Dates: May 15th - June 21st (no training on Memorial Day, May 29th)

    • Monday and Wednesday​

    • 6am or 12pm sessions

    • after work sessions available upon request

  • Class size capped at 8

  • Investment: $200 for 11 sessions ($18 per 60 minute session)

You will gain basic mobility and postural skills that you will apply throughout the many activities of this program.  But we won’t stop there.  We will progress through basic jumping mechanics, alignment skills, and sprint mechanic drills, all with the intent of improving your overall ability to move efficiently, thus helping stave off overuse injuries.   We also build your durability by including movements that both complement and contrast the repetitive nature of running.  You will perform basic performance tests at the beginning and end of this phase to measure skill mastery and improvement.


Phase 2:

  • Dates: July 10th - August 16th

    • Monday and Wednesday​

    • 6am or 12pm sessions

    • after work sessions available upon request

  • Class size capped at 6

  • Investment: $220 for 12 sessions ($18 per 60 minute session)

Here we progress to more serious activities that may involve light lifting and added intensity to your plyometrics.  This phase is more performance-based and geared towards those who not only want to keep injury at bay, but shave time off their races.


Phase 3:

  • Dates: August 21st - October 2nd

    • Days and times available upon request

    • after work sessions available upon request

  • Class size capped at 4

  • Investment: $220 for 11 sessions ($20 per 60 minute session)

​This is a continuation of Phase 2, with a more cumulative approach to pairing your strength training with your run workouts.  We will continue to add complexity to the movements as we look to improve your running economy and contrast the repetitive motion of running. 

Location: Authentic Performance Center

8580 E. Lowry Blvd.

Denver, CO 80230


"Lots of runners are confused about what kinds of preparation will take them to the next level. Well, Carrie isn't confused. Quite simply, there's no one else in the world of run-specific strength training that I trust more. Carrie has the track record and winnings to prove it, and the tools to help you prove it to yourself."

Jay Dicharry, PT, REP Lab Director, author of Anatomy for Runners


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